Open Position for My Life-Partner

Finally!!! Position is open for being my life-partner. For several years this position was completely closed due of several reasons. Recently I have been thinking that it is time that I accept applications to fill this position. If the right candidate fits my specification she will fill the position, else, the position will remain unfilled. I am in no hurry to get a life-partner. If I get one, I want the right one. In further paragraphs I will put my specifications for the position. If you think you fit in, please feel free to apply.

Before applying you might want to know if I am worth applying to. Here are a few details about me:

My career journey:
Some of my thoughts:
My future goal: I will be building the greatest educational company of the world in India in around 2021/2022.
To know more about me: Be a friend.

Specifications for being my life-partner
Probably the first character I will be looking in my dream woman is beauty. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, says John Keats. Beauty is a divine character and the first turn on for me in a woman is her beauty.

What exactly is beauty? How can we define beauty? I would like to give a recursive definition of beauty.
Beauty: Beauty is that which gives me happiness.
Happiness: Happiness is what I get when I see beauty.
In this sense, I think for Isaac Newton science and research was beautiful; for Mother Teresa diseased and old-age people were beautiful; for Rajkumar acting was beautiful, and so on. For me, mathematics, puzzles, algorithms, philosophy, and most importantly the concept of learning seems beautiful. This is my conception of beauty. I am interested in a woman who looks beautiful (both externally and internally) to me as per this conception of beauty.

I think this is the greatest character of all. I call a person who has learnability as a great learner. A great learner knows that knowledge and wisdom is like an infinitely big ocean of gems and our aim is simply to collect as many gems as possible. A great learner who learns anything good follows it in his/her life. A great learner when he learns about courage becomes the most courageous person of the world, a great learner when he learns about peace becomes the most peaceful person of the world, and so on. A great learner has the capability to become God given infinite time through eternal learning. That is the power of learning.

From my experience meeting hundreds of people, probably I have met max two or three great learners. Learning has nothing to do with marks / IQ / any other shit. A person might have very fast processor and a large memory but negligibly small learnability. I am not much interested in a person with less learnability. I am more interested in a person who has extremely high learnability even if he/she has tiny processor and very less memory or IQ. Because as per my research and analysis, the one who can reach the level of the greats is really the person with strong learnability.

This is one of the major characters I will be looking for in my dream woman.

Maturity and mental cool
If one has strong learnability and is exposed to the concepts of maturity and mental cool, I believe the person can become extremely mature and have unparalleled mental cool. Still, as this is a very important character I think it deserves a separate mention and explanation.

Indian mythology describes Lord Krishna as “stthitha prajna”, meaning stabilized consciousness. I would like to explain this character using mathematical functions (and their graphs). Assume that in a Cartesian coordinate system, the x coordinate represents time and y coordinate represents feelings / emotions. The y = 0 line or the x-axis represents total neutral state. The region y > 0 represents positive characters such as happiness, peace, love, confidence, courage etc. The region y < 0 represents negative characters such as sadness, anxiety, fear, hatred, inferiority complex etc. A person’s personality can be written as a mathematical function y = f(x) and can be plotted as a graph on a Cartesian coordinate system.

We see that most people’s graphs would look highly wavy going from utter happiness to utter sadness, high-level love to high-level hatred, so on. It can be interpreted in may ways using mathematical terms such as: the difference between maxima and minima is high or the standard deviation of the feeling-points is high, etc. The one whose feelings / emotions are neutral i.e., are not affected by external factors and always peaceful is called “stthita prajna”. I would want to live with a girl whose maxima and minima feeling-points are very near to the neutral line i.e., who does not get too happy or too sad, etc. The girl can also have graphs where she never gets to the y < 0 region i.e., she can be too happy but can never get sad at all whatever may be the worst-case scenario. I call this character as maturity / mental cool. A girl having this character would attract me a lot.

Hardcore positive thinking
There are hundreds of books written on the power of positive thinking. A hardcore positive thinker can create heaven wherever he/she is. One can feel aura of positive energy around a hardcore positive thinker. That person will be a great source of very high positive energy and happiness. With positive thinking we can topple the world. I fall in love with positive thinkers. I would die for positive thinkers.

I so want a woman who is a hardcore positive thinker. Understanding the law of attraction and thinking positively, anything could be achieved. If husband and wife both are positive thinkers the family life will be the sweetestestest and the children can be the greats contributing to the society in the best possible way. Every thought, every experience, and every moment of life will be filled with happiness and peace. You know what, it is very easy to kill me. Simply show me a woman who breathes positivity.

More characters
I can go on and on with the characters I would like to see in my dream woman. I believe, with great learnability, it is easy to learn simplicity, humbleness, humor, and many other great characters. So, the list of characters described above summarizes the major list of specifications I have towards getting my Goddess. There might be minor other characters as well.

Ideal: I think Melinda Gates satisfies all / most of my specifications. Hence, I have a strong crush on her.

Other requirements in the life-partner I seek for
Sex: Female.:)
Age: [20, 35] – I give more importance to learnability (and other characters) and beauty than age
Health: Yes! This is important to me.
Drinking: Does not matter
Smoking: Does not matter
Veg / non-veg: Does not matter
Religion: Does not matter
Caste: Does not matter
Country: Does not matter
Language: Any of the languages I can understand (English, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit, or Mathematics)
Color: Does not matter
Race: Does not matter
Belief in God: Does not matter
Marriage: Does not matter whether it is marriage or live-in relation
Kids: I might prefer to raise 1 / max 2 kids either own or adopted
Getting to know: I believe that both the time-tested methods of Indian arranged marriage and American dating does not work for me. The only way for me to select a woman is first being friends and knowing each other casually without deadlines. After sufficient time (at least 1 year I believe) of knowing, if both feel “vibration match”, then thinking about the next step.
Specification list: To check whether I meet the woman’s specifications please feel free to contact me.

I would like to marry the Melinda Gates type of woman. If you think you belong to that type, please feel free to apply. Enjoy.:)

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